Project Description


According to different anti-pull and anti-collision requirements, we provide customized RFID silicone tags, customized RFID tags, customized RFID PPS tags, customized RFID self-adhesive tags, customized RFID ceramic tags, etc.


Customized RFID silicone tags and customized RFID coin-shaped PPS tags can be used in laundry rooms, hotels, hospitals, bed sheets, pillowcases, clothing fabric management, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) management, etc.; customized RFID PCB tags can be used in high-speed industrial assembly equipment lines, etc. It can also be used in the management of public facilities such as container pallets, pipeline management, fire hydrants, and shade covers; customized RFID PPS tags can be used in the management of factory mechanical parts; customized RFID self-adhesive tags can be used in windshields, car headlights , Tires and other items; customized RFID ABS tags can be used in industrial robotic arm management, urban trash bin management, pasture livestock management, vine farm management, cement injection marking, lead sealing tape application, wood, tree nail label management and other fields ; Customized RFID ceramic tags can be used for vehicle management in frame.